Practical Valentine’s Day Kitchen Gift Ideas

Practical Valentine's Day Kitchen Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and today I’m excited to share some practical Valentine’s Day kitchen gift ideas. Not everyone wants roses and flowers for Valentine’s Day, sometimes something to spruce up the kitchen is everything! Send this gift-guide to your partner as a friendly reminder if you see something that sparks your interest, or you can simply ‘Treat Yo Self’ and buy yourself a Valentine’s Day Gift, you deserve it. Life is crazy these days (I’m looking at you, Donald Trump) and self care is important!

Practical Valentine’s Day Kitchen Gift Ideas

1.  Gummy candies are a simple to show you care on Valentine’s Day, and these ones are cute!

2. I honestly feel like you can never have too many tea towels.

3. We all need a collection of mini bowls– they are perfect for toppings and also portion control!

4. Is there really anything more romantic than pigging out on ice cream with the one you love? You could gift these cute heart bowls and scooper with your favorite ice cream.

5. This mini waffle maker is so cute and really is the perfect portion for waffles. Pair this with your favorite waffle mix and a good maple syrup.

6. This ceramic baking dish is stylish, dishwasher safe and comes in other colors too.

7. I love that this functional and beautiful glazed porcelain bowl has hearts on it but not in an overly Valentine’s day way.

8. Pair this rose quartz bottle opener with your favorite bubbly drink.

9. Every kitchen could use fleur-de-lis glassware, so gorgeous.

10. Valentine’s is a great holiday to get your bake on and these cookie cutters are adorable.

11. This marble heart trivet is beautiful and great for all year long.

12. Anything from Le Creuset is a winner but this heart shaped cast-iron dutch oven is extra special.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Practical Valentine's Day Kitchen Gift Ideas

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  1. I like all the gift ideas but my favorite by far is the Marble Heart Trivet! I’m getting this!! Awesome list!

  2. I would be happy with any of these gifts but my most favorite has got to be the metallic dipped bowls! Swooning!

  3. This is a beautiful collection for Valentine’s Day! I’m looking for heart-shaped hand pie molds… Have you seen anything like that?

  4. What a lovely Valentines gift round-up, those TK Maxx bowls are gorgeous as are those funky glasses:-)

  5. What a fun list! I’d love to have any of these, but I especially like the rose quartz bottle opener! And I agree about the tea towels…I buy them as souvenirs when we travel!

    • Thanks, Lisa! I love that bottle opener too. That’s a smart idea to buy tea towels as souvenirs- my husband buys beach towels as souvenirs everywhere he travels!

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