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Happy New Year! We made it to 2021! I’m very excited to share this SmoothieBox Discount Code + Review with you to kick off this year.

2020 was such an emotional, humbling, and difficult year for so many that I feel exhausted and depleted. I normally make pretty intense New Years resolutions, but this year I find that I’m being really gentle on myself so far, what about you? Instead of making extreme resolutions, I’m making intentions (like drink more water and meditate more) and being patient with myself as this year unfolds. My kids have been home doing ‘remote learning’ since April and that has made it harder for me to accomplish some of the things that normally would be easy for me.


I love making smoothies and drink them often, but sometimes even that can seem like a daunting task when I’m being pulled in so many directions. This is one of the reasons why I was excited to try out SmoothieBox and to share with readers my review and SmoothieBox discount code. The pre-made frozen smoothie bags make it super easy to make a smoothie. All you need to do is add the smoothie bag contents to your blender, add liquid, and blend! It really takes the brain work and prep work out of smoothie making. You can also play around with different liquids and add-in extras like protein powder, collagen, nut butters, yogurt, and more. But only if you want 😉

SmoothieBox Unboxing


In my first SmoothieBox I received 20 smoothies, five different packets of four different flavors: Clementine, Cacao, Green, and Berry. I also received collagen powder and a SmoothieBox mug. I loved the packaging with the message “The Key to a Healthy Habit is Consistency.”


I was actually out running some errands when my package arrived but it was no big deal because there was plenty of dry ice in the package keeping the contents cool.


How Does SmoothieBox Work?

SmoothieBox is a subscription service, with an option to buy one-time as well. You simply pick out how many smoothies you want (20 or 25), pick which flavors you want (in increments of five), and order. There is an option at check out to add collagen as a protein booster, an insulated smoothie mug, or a blender.


Once at check out you create your account & log-in information, and fill in all your payment/shipping info complete the process. There is a place at check out to add your discount-code, so don’t forget to claim your $15 off with the code RAINBOW!

What are the Flavors SmoothieBox Offers?

four SmoothieBox Discount Code packages

Berry includes strawberries, wild blueberries, cauliflower and SmoothieBox smoothie chips. This flavor is great almond milk.

Green includes pineapple, apple, spinach, and SmoothieBox smoothie chips. This flavor is great with almond milk or coconut water.


Clementine includes mandarins, carrots, pumpkin seeds, and SmoothieBox chips. This flavor is great with coconut water or almond milk. This is my favorite flavor because the smoothie chips have ginger in them and it adds a nice zing!

Cacoa includes bananas, coconut cream, cacoa beans, cacao, zucchini, kale, sunflower kernels, and SmoothieBox smoothie chips. This flavor tastes great with almond milk. This is my husband’s favorite flavor and we also usually add a few scoops of protein powder.

Smoothie Box Discount Code

How Much is SmoothieBox?

If you choose a box with 20 smoothie packs:

Subscribe and save boxes are $119, making each smoothie $5.95 each.

The one-time box is $148.75, making each smoothie $7.44

If you choose a box with 25 smoothie packs:

Subscribe and save boxes are $139 each, making each smoothie $5.56.

The one-time box is $173.75, making each smoothie $6.95.

Is SmoothieBox Worth it? My Honest Review

Smoothie Box Discount Code

It really depends on what you are looking for at this moment.

Pros: If you are looking for help in convenience, consistency, new flavors, or adding more vegetables to your smoothies in a simple way then I would say that SmoothieBox is definitely worth a try! I love that I can just pull out a bag, add some liquid, and have a smoothie in no time. I also love that SmoothieBox flavors all include a full serving of fruits and vegetables.

I liked that when browsing the ingredients labels I noticed that most of the ingredients are organic and the smoothies are all made with thoughtfully sourced ingredients, and no additives or artificial sweeteners.

Cons: If you are looking to save money and make smoothies on a tight budget, you are better off just buying your ingredients and making smoothies on your own at home. While the smoothie boxes offer smoothie that are less expensive than going out and purchasing smoothies from Smoothie Shops, they are a little more expensive than buying frozen ingredients in bulk and making your own at home if you have the energy, time and commitment to that.

SmoothieBox Discount Code

I’m delighted to share this SmoothieBox Discount Code with you for $15 Off + FREE Shipping On Your First SmoothieBox. Simple use code RAINBOW at check out, or click here for more info.

SmoothieBox discount code is not valid on previous purchases, recurring SmoothieBox subscription payments, SmoothieSwag, gift certificates, or when combined with other offers. Free shipping valid at on all orders to the United States 48 contiguous states.

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If you use this SmoothieBox discount code and try out SmoothieBox please share on instagram using hashtag #rainbowdelicious & and tag me at @rainbowdelicious , I’d love to see what you are up to in your kitchen!

How to Cancel SmoothieBox?

There is nothing worst than trying out a new subscription service and then not being able to cancel or pause it easily when you need to. With SmoothieBox you can cancel or pause at prior to your billing date contacting [email protected] or by logging into your account page and heading to the My SmoothieBox tab, hitting “manage” and clicking “stop subscription” for cancelling or “skip next shipment” for pausing next shipment.

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