44 Dutch Oven Soups to Try in 2024

Dutch oven soups

You will love this amazing list of dutch oven soups to make this year! Dutch oven soups are so satisfying and are recipes you’ll want to come back to again and again!

From Dutch oven chowders, to vegetarian soups, to soups with chicken or sausage, you’re sure to find a satisfying dutch oven soup recipe to try! I hope you find some new favorites to add to your meal rotations in this list.

I’ve also been meaning to check out this Dutch oven cookbook: “Cook It in Your Dutch Oven: 150 Foolproof Recipes Tailor-Made for Your Kitchen’s Most Versatile Pot” I’m always looking for new recipes to try in one of my favorite kitchen pots.

I don’t know about you, but my dutch oven really is one of my favorite items to use in my kitchen. I love using it to make dutch oven recipes like this no-knead bread from the NY Times (seriously make it- so good!), Mexican rice, and most of all sorts of soups, stews, and chilis.

I love my white enamel covered cast iron dutch oven. It was a big purchase/investment, but I found that I definitely get my money’s worth out of it and use it all the time. I want more of them, to be honest! My favorite dutch ovens are by Le Crueset, and they have so many different options when it comes to sizes and colors.

Dutch Oven Soups

Dutch Oven Chicken Soup Recipes

1. Lemon Orzo Chicken Soup


Warm up your home with this incredible Lemon Orzo Chicken Soup from JZ Eats. This dutch oven chicken soup is easy to make, full of flavor, and perfect for busy nights!

2. Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup


Nothing screams ‘comfort food’ like this Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup from Quiche my Grits. This dutch oven chicken noodle soup is reminiscent of Grandma’s recipe, with perfectly seasoned chicken nestled in a flavorful broth amidst wide egg noodles.

3. Chicken and Dumplings


This chicken and dumpling soup from Whipped it Up is the epitome of comfort food.

4. Three Bean Chicken Soup


Three Bean Chicken Soup from Quiche my Grits gets the party started with great flavor and soothing comfort! It’s a healthy soup for cold, winter nights and chilly days at home.

5. Greek Lemon Rice Soup – Avgolemono


This Greek Lemon Rice Soup Kendell Kreations can be your new go-to; It is so simple to make!

6. Healing Chicken Noodle Soup


This delicious homemade healing chicken soup from Jam Jar Kitchen takes less than 30 minutes to throw together and is sure to help you kick the cold with its illness fighting ingredients!

7. Chicken Fajita Soup


Aside from the familiar flavors of a traditional fajita, what we love most about this Chicken Fajita Soup from Chef Sous Chef are the topping combinations made to order. It’s the perfect way to use up leftover chicken and any veggies you have in your fridge.

8. Chicken Vegetable Soup


This hearty dutch oven vegetable soup with chicken from Foolproof Living is a healthy one pot dinner that you can make in less than an hour. This made from scratch meal is packed with vegetables, chicken and cooked in a tomato-flavored chicken broth.

Dutch Oven Soups with Beef

9. Dutch Oven Beef Stew

Dutch Oven Beef Stew

This Dutch Oven Beef Stew from Went There 8 This is ultra comforting – perfect for a chilly winter day! Cooked in red wine, beef stock and seasonings in the oven for over 2 hours, the beef comes out perfectly melt-in-your-mouth tender.

10. Lasagna Soup


This lasagna soup from I Heart Eating is simple but delicious. It has all of flavors of a pan of lasagna in a hearty, comforting soup.

11. Leftover Roast Beef and Wild Rice Soup


This is an unbeatable fast and comforting one pot dinner from the Family Food Kitchen.

12. Italian Wedding Soup


This updated take on a classic Italian Wedding Soup from Jam Jar Kitchen combines beautifully tender meatballs with veggies, rich broth and couscous for a meal the whole family will love!

13. Tasty Beef Cabbage Soup


A hearty soup that is quick to make, this one pot Beef Cabbage Soup from Craving Some Creativity recipe is nutritious and delicious! Cooked in a Dutch oven with comforting flavors of tomatoes, ground beef and cabbage.

Dutch Oven Soups with Sausage

14. Broccoli Sausage Soup


This hearty broccoli sausage soup from The Spice Train is delicious and easy comfort food at its best. The soup comes together in 25 minutes and because it’s made in one pot, there is very little clean up!

15. Farmers Market Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup


A dutch oven is the perfect thing for simmering up this Italian Sausage-Tortellini Soup from Two Healthy Kitchens! Bright and richly flavorful, and brimming with lots of savory, fresh veggies – it’s absolutely delicious – and perfect nearly all year ’round, whether you’re grabbing veggies at the grocery store in winter or using up your backyard garden’s summer bounty!

16. Hearty Italian Sausage Kale Soup


This hearty Italian sausage kale soup recipe from Wholesome Yum is ready in just 30 minutes! Naturally keto kale soup is loaded with flavor, greens and a creamy broth.

17. Mediterranean Soup with Sausage


This Whole30 Mediterranean Soup with Sausage from What A Girl Eats is loaded with Italian style sausage and vegetables, and finished with a swirl of Pistou.

18. Pumpkin Sausage Soup


Pumpkin sausage soup from Mae’s Menu is a comforting and satisfying soup you can make in the Dutch oven. It’s a one pot recipe that is perfect for fall!

Seafood Dutch Oven Soups

19. Spicy Shrimp Pho


Spicy Shrimp Pho from Chef Savvy is a twist on the traditional Vietnamese soup made with savory chicken broth, shrimp, cilantro and fresh lime juice. Perfect to make in a dutch oven for a hearty meal!

20. Cioppino Seafood Soup


This Easy Cioppino Seafood Soup from Emily Fabulous is quite a showstopper and it really is easy to make. Make this classic dish for a special occasion, dinner party, or just a wonderful meal at home.

21. Fish Lentil Stew


This easy campfire fish lentil stew from Champagne Tastes is made with white fish (such as cod) and poached in red lentils, spinach and spices. Cook it in a Dutch oven over a fire! This one of the best dutch oven soup recipes for camping!

Vegetarian Dutch Oven Soup Recipes

22. Creamy Tortellini Tomato and Pesto Soup


A delicious take on a vegetarian soup from Cozy Cravings with a creamy tomato based soup swirled with pesto and filled with tortellini.

23. Vegetable Lentil Soup

winter lentil vegetable soup

Loaded with vegetables and flavor, this vegan lentil vegetable soup is perfect for a chilly night at home. This healthy, vegan, gluten-free, garlicky, lemony soup is easy to make and makes great leftovers. Make this soup again and again all year long!

24. Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Sou in Dutch Oven

Alphabet soup from Confetti and Bliss is a soup the whole family can get behind. Parents love this healthy tasty (sopa de letras) vegetable soup. Like tomato basil soup, it’s an easy recipe. Kids love ABC soup because the alphabet pasta makes mealtime more fun!

25. Vegetarian Pasta E Fagioli


Pasta Fagioli soup is an Italian classic! Enjoy this vegetarian version from A Simple Palate that is thick and stew-like and each bite is full of hearty pasta and beans.

26. Tuscan Vegetable Soup

Tuscan Vegetable Soup | Dutch Oven Vegetarian Soups

This Italian Tuscan Vegetable Soup from The Rustic Foodie with kale recipe is easy and healthy. It’s hearty, vegetarian, and gluten free. Loaded with vegetables!

27. Sweet Potato Kale Soup

Sweet Potato Kale Soup | Vegetarian Dutch Oven Soups

This cozy vegan Sweet Potato Kale Soup recipe from The Rustic Foodie is healthy and made from scratch. It’s easy and made with chickpeas and hearty vegetables!

28. Creamy Root Vegetable Soup

Creamy Root Vegetable Soup | Dutch Oven Vegetarian Soups

This creamy soup from Running to the Kitchen can be made with almost any assortment of root vegetables you have on hand. It’s a vegetarian meal that’s both hearty and warming with robust winter herbs and spices.

29. Hearty Italian Minestrone Soup


Warm up with a bowl of this satisfying Italian minestrone soup from A Simple Palate! It’s filled with hearty vegetables, noodles, and is super easy to make. The whole family will love this soup for any occasion!

30. Savory White Bean Kale Soup

Savory White Bean Kale Soup | Dutch Oven Soups

This delicious white bean kale soup from Good Food Baddie can be made in less than 30 minutes! Using a few vegetables and pantry staples, this soup comes together perfectly for a quick, healthy lunch or dinner.

Dutch Oven Chilis

31. Vegetarian Quinoa Chili

Vegetarian Quinoa Chili

An easy to make Quinoa Chili recipe from Foolproof Living that is made with black beans, red beans, tomatoes, corn and quinoa.A comforting and satisfying one pot dinner that happens to be gluten-free, plant-based, and protein-packed.

32. Spicy Texas Chili

Spicy Texas Chili | Dutch Oven Soups

When you need a spicy warm hug, put on a big batch of this Spicy Texas Chili from Kendell Kreations. Texas cause it has no beans.

33. Paleo Chicken Vegetable Chili Recipe

Paleo Chicken Veggie Chili

This is an easy chicken chili from Laura Fuentes made in the dutch oven – a chili without beans, that’s both filling and quick to prepare.

34. White Chicken Chili

White Chicken Chili | Dutch Oven Chilis

White chicken chili from Mountain Berry Eats is an easy family favorite packed with protein! Top with a dollop of sour cream, avocado slices, cilantro and tortilla strips to really take this up a notch and leave you feeling satisfied!

Dutch Oven Chowder Recipes

35. Corn Potato Leek Chowder Recipe

corn leek chowder ready to eat

This easy potato, leek, and corn chowder recipe is loaded with flavor, veggies and is a satisfying and fresh weeknight meal! This vegetarian soup is best in spring and summer but can really be made year round!

36. Ham and Potato Chowder

Ham Potato Chowder | Dutch Oven Chowder

This Ham and Potato Soup with leek from I Heart Umami is thick, chunky, and creamy like your favorite chowder but dairy-free! There’s nothing more comforting than a bowl of creamy soup on cold days. This ham and potato soup recipe is super simple to make, and it also happens to be a great way to use up leftover ham!

37. Potato Chowder with Morel and Ramps

Morel Ramp Potato Chowder | Dutch Oven Chowder Recipes

This Morel Ramp Potato Chowder Recipe from Health Starts in the Kitchen combines amazing spring flavors into a hearty creamy soup is great for those chilly spring days! This dutch oven potato soup is Gluten-Free, Grain-Free & Vegetarian Friendly.

38. Plant Based Coconut Corn Chowder

Plant Based Coconut Corn Chowder | Dutch Oven Soups

The ultimate end-of-summer comfort dish, this Plant-Based Coconut Corn Chowder from Chef Sous Chef features golden, sun-kissed corn and is blended with potatoes to create a deep and thick soup base that remains light and fragrant from the basil and coconut milk.

More Dutch Oven Soups

39. Dutch Oven French Onion Soup

Keto French Onion Soup | Dutch Oven Soups

This EASY, healthy, low carb keto French onion soup from Wholesome Yum is pure comfort in a bowl, complete with cheesy, toasty bread crust.

40. Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Favorite Ina Garten Winter Squash soup

This flavorful Ina Garten butternut squash soup will be your new fave way to enjoy butternut squash and pumpkin. This savory and filling soup is delicious topped with creme fraiche.

41. Gluten Free Escarole and Bean Soup

Gluten Free Escarole and Bean Soup | Dutch Oven Soups

Quick, easy escarole and bean soup from Gluten Free Homestead keeps you warm and supercharges your health in the most delicious way possible.

42. Spicy Lamb Chickpea Shawarma Stew

Spicy Lamb Chickpea Shawarma Stew | Dutch Oven Soups

Spicy Lamb Chickpea Shawarma Stew from Health Starts in the Kitchen. Ground Lamb swimming in a spicy Shawarma-inspired tomato broth with chickpeas, carrots and kale in this Spicy Lamb Chickpea Shawarma Stew will warm you up on a chilly winter day. Garnished with tangy whole milk greek yogurt and fresh cilantro to make it a meal worth sharing!

43. Classic Lentil and Ham Soup

Classic Lentil and Ham Soup | Dutch Oven Soups

This classic lentil and ham soup recipe from Cook at Home Mom is a cozy, comforting meal, made with just a few simple ingredients. It’s a great way to use leftover ham and stretch your ingredients.

44. Creamy Tomato Bisque

Creamy Tomato Bisque | Dutch Oven Soups

Creamy Tomato Bisque from Smack of Flavor is the best comfort food for dinner in the fall or winter season This warming soup is made from scratch with canned tomatoes and can be served with fresh basil and grilled cheese sandwiches to dunk in it.

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Why should you cook soup in a dutch oven?

Cast iron dutch ovens produce even heating. They have high walls and a thick base that help to retain heat and simmer soups well. Plus, dutch oven come in large sizes that make it easy to make a big batch of soup for a crowd.

Dutch Oven Soups

If you make any of these dutch oven soups please share on instagram using hashtag #rainbowdelicious & and tag me at @rainbowdelicious , I’d love to see what you are up to in your kitchen!

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