30 Dragon Fruit Recipes for 2024


Up your tropical vibes by serving up gorgeous dragon fruit recipes this summer. Dragon fruit is a delicious, tropical fruit that is versatile and can be used in recipes like smoothies, drinks, salads, desserts, and more. Dragon fruit comes in white and red varieties, and also can be purchased in powder form. I hope you enjoy these trending dragon fruit recipes!

Dragon Fruit Recipes

Drink Dragon Fruit Recipes

1. Dragon Fruit Mango Lemonade

magenta dragon fruit lemonade in glass with lemon slice garnish

This homemade Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade from Cook at Home Mama is absolutely delicious, super refreshing, and oh so easy to make! You only need four ingredients and five minutes to make it, so you may never go to a Starbucks again! Isn’t the color gorgeous? And the fresh lemon garnish makes for a beautiful presentation.

Smoothie & Breakfast Bowl Dragon Fruit Recipes

2. Mango Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl


This mango dragon fruit smoothie from Caroline’s Cooking is so easy to make with deliciously fresh and tasty flavors. It’s great as a snack, for breakfast or even dessert, especially as a smoothie bowl. You can play around with the toppings to create food art.

3. Vanilla Swirled Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl


This tropical Pink Dragon Fruit Smoothie bowl from Le Petit Eats is loaded with antioxidants. A swirl of plant-based vanilla yogurt gives it a pretty finishing touch.

4. Dragon Fruit Ginger Smoothie Bowl


This beautiful and scrumptious Green Ginger Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl from Moon and Spoon and Yum has a creamy and luscious texture and a delightfully fruity flavor with a touch of ginger kick! Vegan, gluten-free, refreshing, healthy, and easy to make, too!

5. Three Ingredient Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl


This Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl from Jar of Lemons is easy to make and delicious. Vegetarian, gluten-free, and only 3 ingredients! Such a great and healthy breakfast meal plus you can pile on as many toppings you like. The star fruit is a beautiful tropical addition!

6. Pink Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl


Can’t go wrong with this vibrant and beautiful bowl of tropical fruit goodness from Sula and Spice.

7. Mango Dragon Fruit Smoothie Recipe


This exotic mango dragon fruit smoothie from Masala Herb is vegan and health boosting. Turn it into your new breakfast smoothie!

8. Dragon Fruit Smoothie


Change up your morning routine with a Dragon Fruit Smoothie from Cooking with Curls loaded with berry flavor and vitamins to start your day off right! This smoothie recipe is vegan, gluten free and contains no processed sugar.

9. Banana Dragon Fruit Smoothie


This Banana Dragon Fruit Smoothie recipe by Recipes from a Pantry is a kid approved, bright pink colored, quick breakfast on the go. Made with only 4 ingredients, it can be made in a few minutes.

10. Dragon Fruit Spinach Smoothie


A quick and easy smoothie from Cook Eat Live Love made with dragon fruit, berries, spinach, and lots of other healthy ingredients like almond milk and chia seeds. Make a batch in five minutes and enjoy it for a snack or breakfast on the go. The flavor is creamy and lightly sweet.

11. Pink Dragon Fruit Smoothie

pink dragon fruit smoothie in glass cup with pink and white stripped straw

This vibrant pink dragon fruit smoothie from Mom Foodie uses only 3 ingredients from your local grocery store and is a refreshing and simple drink.

12. Pink Oatmeal with Pitaya Powder


Enhance your morning oatmeal by adding a little pop of color with nutritious Pitaya in this pink oatmeal recipe from The Yummy Bowl. It’s delicious, vegan, sweet, fulfilling, and comforting.

Salad Dragon Fruit Recipes

13. Dragon Fruit Salad with Tajin


Dragon Fruit may look intimidating, but it is really very simple to break down. This quick Dragon Fruit Salad with Tajín and Lime from Beyond Mere Sustenance comes together in just minutes, and it’s low calorie and loaded with nutrients! I’ll even show you how to prepare dragon fruit!

14. Patriotic Dragon Fruit Salad


This Patriotic Fruit Salad from Down Red Bud Drive is perfect to bring to a get-together during summer.

15. Dragon Fruit and Blood Orange Salad


This fresh and tasty salad from Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks is made with mixed greens topped with fresh dragon fruit, blood oranges, feta cheese, and pecans topped with a citrus vinaigrette.

16. Plum Wine Infused Dragon Fruit Salad


This adult version of fruit salad from The Devil Wears Salad is a great way to enjoy dragon fruit when it is in season.

Dragon Fruit Snacks

17. Dragon Fruit Salsa


This unique and tasty dragon fruit salsa from Fearless Dining makes a great snack. This unique salsa recipe will definitely intrigue dinner guests!

18. Dragon Fruit Protein Balls


These dragon fruit No-Bake Dragon Fruit & Almond Chia Protein Energy Balls from Simply Taralynn are a perfect snack to have on hand in your kitchen.

Dessert Dragon Fruit Recipes

19. Cake with Dragon fruit Buttercream


You have to try this soft white cake filled with blood orange curd and wrapped in dragonfruit buttercream from Cooking with Carlee. This stunning cake is a tropical fruit dream come true!

20. Dragon Fruit Topped Tart


This dragon fruit topped no-bake vegan blueberry tart combines the flavors of blueberries and Earl Grey tea with a coconut cream base and almond/coconut gluten-free crust. The results are a delicious easy vegan dessert to impress friends and family and for special occasions. Plus, this berry tart from Alpha Foodie is dairy-free, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, no-bake, and absolutely delicious!

21. Impossible Dragon Fruit Pie


A crustless pie that comes together simply in a food processor or blender. This impossible dragonfruit pie from Cooking with Carlee is a great easy dessert!

22. Pink Dragon Fruit Layer Cake


How gorgeous is this layered pink dragon fruit cake from Rainbow Nourishments?!

23. Dragon Fruit Jelly


This purple dragonfruit jelly dessert from Mildly Indian is perfect for celebrating the lunar new year.

24. Raspberry Dragon Fruit Popsicles

dragon fruit popsicles

Beat the heat with these amazingly delicious dragon fruit popsicles! Pitaya popsicles are an easy, fast, and refreshing dairy free, gluten free treat. Ingredients include frozen dragon fruit / pitaya, raspberries, orange juice, lime juice, coconut water, and sugar (optional).

25. Dragon Fruit Guava Popsicles


Guava and Dragon Fruit make a perfect pairing in these beautiful popsicles from Sense and Edibility.

26. Dragon Fruit Ice Cream


This simple dragon fruit ice cream recipe from A Kailo Chic Life is only three ingredients – frozen dragon fruit, coconut milk and sugar.

Cocktail Dragon Fruit Recipes

27. Dragon Fruit Vodka Cocktail


This fresh and fruity dragon fruit cocktail with vodka from Fearless Dining has delicious flavor.

28. Dragon Fruit & Elderberry Cocktail


This Dragon Fruit & Elderberry cocktail from Sula and Spice has such a beautiful vibrant pink coloring!

29. Dragon Fruit Margarita


You’ll love this Game of Thrones inspired dragon fruit margarita from Muy Bueno Cookbook.

30. Pitaya Picante Cocktail


Youll love this a deliciously spicy dragon fruit mezcal cocktail from Mexcalogist.

FAQ about Dragon Fruit

What is the difference between red dragon fruit and white dragon fruit?

Red dragon fruits are often more flavorful and sweeter than white dragon fruits, with a bright magenta flesh and a higher anti-oxidant content. White dragon fruits have slightly lower sugar content, white colored flesh, and higher acidity. Both options are delicious!

Can I eat the skin of a dragon fruit?

Just like with avocados, dragon fruit is eaten by cutting the fruit open, and scooping out the flesh. The peel/skin of the dragon fruit is then discarded.

What do ripe dragon fruits taste like?

A ripe dragon fruit tastes like a slightly sweet cross between a pear and a kiwi. The flavor of the dragon fruit changes as it ripens from a blander taste to a sweeter taste once ripe.


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