Easy Spring Recipes Meal Plan

This week’s easy spring recipes meal plan includes spinach, strawberries, avocado, radishes and peas! I’ve been enjoying the spring produce this season but also love that summer produce is starting to pop up too. The menu this week is kind of a cross over between spring and summer flavors. On the menu: two delicious pastas,… [read more]

One Pot Wonder Pastas Meal Plan

This week you can eat the rainbow and do less dishes with this one pot wonder pastas meal plan. I love cooking but that often leaves me with a lot of dishes at the end of the night, can you relate? Thats why I really appreciate a one-pot recipe that still gives the satisfaction of… [read more]

Whole30 Meal Plan plus Shopping List

Today I have a Whole30 Meal Plan plus Shopping List for you. Have you done paleo/whole30 before? What are your thoughts? I did it once, or shall I say I attempted it once and lasted about 14 days or so.  I’m probably not going to commit to Whole30 again but I do like to make… [read more]

Meal Plan: A Week of Healthy Salad Recipes

Happy almost-August! I can’t believe summer is flying by so fast. I’ve compiled five of my favorite healthy salad recipes for all of us to incorporate into our menus this week. Three of the salads are vegetarian, two have a little meat (prosciutto and chicken) and all are fresh and delicious. These salads would make a… [read more]

Rainbow Delicious Changes & May Spring Dinner Recipes

Happy May everyone! This week I’m excited to share with you five May spring dinner recipes that are fresh, delicious and healthy. May is my favorite month because the weather starts really warming up, I get to plant my garden, we get to celebrate Mother’s day, and it is my birthday month ( I’m turning 30 next week!)… [read more]