Weeknight Breakfast for Dinner Ideas

This week’s meal plan Monday features weeknight breakfast for dinner ideas. I love having breakfast for dinner, there is something about it that feels special and simple. What about you? Do you enjoy having breakfast for dinner? I hope so because this week I’m sharing five delicious weeknight breakfast for dinner ideas from the blog… [read more]

Top 10: Unique Oatmeal Recipes

I’m trying to get more organized when it comes to breakfast. Instead of waking up and thinking , “what should I make for breakfast this morning” ideally I would like to have a plan the night before. I lived with a family in Australia during college while I studied abroad and they had a system down where they had a weekly breakfast plan and they knew what to expect each day. I love that idea

Top 10: Breakfast Parfaits

Now my kids love yogurt, granola and fruit any way, any time (not just on Wednesdays), but they LOVE when I present it to them in parfait form. And guess what? It only takes an extra few minutes to prepare it that way. Here are 10 beautiful parfaits to serve you as inspiration if you are also on a quest to make breakfast more fun:

Top 10: Sweet Crepes

I am in love with crepes, aren’t you? They are so versatile and I can’t even decide which combination is my favorite. I used to struggle to get my homemade crepes to turn out okay, they would always stick to the pan or turn out too thick, but I recently discovered that butter, lots of… [read more]

Top 10: Dutch Baby Pancakes

Have you tried Dutch babies? Or maybe you call them hootenannies? Or perhaps german pancakes? Well, whatever you call them, they are amazingly delicious puffy, eggy pancakes that can be served a variety of ways.  When we lived in San Diego we used to love to go to Johnny Walker’s pancake house because the Dutch… [read more]