Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta

I’m excited to share with you one of my all time favorite recipes, this creamy butternut squash pasta. I have been making it for years and it is seriously delicious. I usually make the pasta with butternut squash but you could easily use kabocha squash, pumpkin, delicata squash or acorn squash instead. Everyone I have made this pasta for over the years has loved it (including kids!) and I hope you will too.

Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta from Rainbow Delicious

This recipe is simple but slow cooking and will take some patience; I have tried to speed up the cooking time by increasing the heat but trust me, it is not as good! Slow and steady. Keep the burner on low and let it cook for the time in needs, I promise it is worth it!

Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta

Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta

Adapted from Perfect Vegetarian
Serves 4-6
4 tablespoons unsalted butter
1/2 cup white or yellow onion very finely chopped
salt and pepper
4 cups cubed butternut squash (or other squash variety)
pinch of freshly grated nutmeg (or dried nutmeg)
12 oz fusilli (or other pasta)
3/4 cup cream
4 tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan (plus extra for serving)
2 tablespoons freshly chopped flat leaf parsley (plus extra for garnish)


1.  Melt the butter in a heavy bottom pan over low heat.  Add the onions and a little salt and cook covered for 25-30 minutes, stirring frequently.

If you haven’t peeled, discarded the seeds and cubed the butternut squash yet, this is the time to do it.

2.  Add the squash into the pan with the onions and season with nutmeg.  Cover and cook over low heat for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.

3.  Meanwhile, cook the pasta in a separate pan for 8 to 10 minutes, or until tender but still firm to the bite. Drain thoroughly but reserve one cup of the cooking liquid.

4.  Stir the cream, grated parmesan, and parsley into the pumpkin sauce and season with salt and pepper.  If the mixture is too thick add up to 2/3 cup of the reserved cooking liquid and stir.  Add in the pasta and toss for 1 minute. Serve immediately with parsley as a garnish and Parmesan cheese on the side for sprinkling.

5. Enjoy!

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  1. love that you posted this I have been craving this recipe!!!

  2. Made this last week and it was super yummy and a big hit!! It will become a regular!!

  3. I love this kind of healthy confort food! We need more squash recipes as we head into fall!

  4. Such a wonderfully colorful meat free dish.

  5. What a great way to use butternut squash. Sounds awesome!!

  6. This looks like such a perfect summer salad! I’ve got a butternut squash that needs using so I think this will have to work it’s way into my menu 🙂

  7. I’m pinning this for later. We love squash and I have some comin ripe soon. This recipe is on my “to do ” list. Thanks!

  8. I love the idea of adding squash to a pasta dish! Great way to boost the nutritional value! Very creative !!

  9. This is so pretty and I love the addition of butternut squash. Super healthy twist and looks delish!

  10. Delicious! I love butternut squash and with pasta, this sounds so satisfying!

  11. I love this and it sounds perfect for the fall! Amazing recipe with stuff I have in my pantry!

  12. I love squash, and I think this is a fabulous idea to include it in this pasta dish – yum! And so healthy, too!

  13. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert says:

    I’ve never tried a squash pasta before! I’ll have to make this for my family!

  14. catherine says:


  15. We added some pine nuts for some texture and it was phenomenal!! My family loves it!!


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