• Top 10: Hot Cross Buns
  • Meal Plan: Spring Week 4
  • Top 10: Foods for Healthy Hair
  • Meal Plan: Spring 2014 Week 3
  • Foods by Color: Artichokes

Top 10: Hot Cross Buns

Top 10 Hot Cross Buns

For those who celebrate Easter, Happy Good Friday! Somehow I missed out on the Easter tradition of hot crossed buns; I have never even tried one.  This Easter Sunday I volunteered to bring a treat for the youth at church and am considering making hot crossed buns (even though they are traditionally for Good Friday).… [read more]

Meal Plan: Spring Week 4

Spring 2014 Week 4.jpg

This week was an adventurous week in eating… Rick and my sister, Jessica are on the gluten-free bandwagon now, and although I’m not quite there yet, I have decided to accommodate our family dinners to be gluten free.  While this week’s meal plan isn’t exactly meant to be gluten free, I was able to substitute… [read more]

Top 10: Foods for Healthy Hair

Top 10 foods for healthy hair Rainbow Delicious.jpg

I’m going to be honest here and declare that during the first trimester of pregnancy I am so tired that I become an incredibly unreliable person, and parent. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was still in college and was somehow able to keep everything together, because I had plenty of time… [read more]

Meal Plan: Spring 2014 Week 3

Spring 2014 Week 3 Rainbow Delicious

We having been busy this week trying to unpack boxes in our new home and still have a long way to go so this week features three slow cooker recipes.  I love how simple dinner time is when you use the slow cooker and really enjoyed all of the recipes this week and I hope… [read more]

Foods by Color: Artichokes

Foods by Color Artichokes

A few weekends ago I was at the farmer’s market picking out some artichokes when I overheard a conversation that went something like this: “wow, those artichokes are beautiful, should we get some?” “No, they are so much work and not worth the effort.” While there is some truth to this last statement, artichokes can… [read more]