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Ideas for Dinner from House of Nash Eats

Share this…For this week’s meal plan Monday I’m excited to share ideas for dinner from House of Nash Eats: BBQ chicken cobb salad, chicken tikka masala over rice, pear pomegranate and swiss salad with poppy seed dressing, chicken avocado lime soup, and a chicken tikka masala pizza. Amy is the former lawyer, now SAHM and in the… [read more]

Healthy Weekly Meal Plan & Shopping List with My Kitchen Love

Share this…Happy Meal Plan Monday! This week’s healthy weekly meal plan & shopping list features recipes from the blog My Kitchen Love by Samantha. Samantha blogs about making everyday family meals extraordinary and posts scrumptious photos on instagram. She’s a mom, wife, and always hungry. She’s obsessed with recipes that let her lead life more simply,… [read more]

Healthy Vegetarian Weekly Menu from Foolproof Living

Share this…I’m so excited to share this healthy vegetarian weekly menu from Foolproof Living. Aysegul Sanford is the foodie and author behind Foolproof Living and here is an introduction to this lovely woman in her own words: “I started Foolproof Living back in 2013 after my mother’s sudden passing. I wanted a place where I can gather… [read more]

A Week of Simple Vegetarian Recipes from The Forest Feast

Share this…Happy meal plan Monday! I’m so excited to share with you a week of simple vegetarian recipes from The Forest Feast, by Erin Gleason. About 5 years ago Erin left NYC for a cabin in the woods in CA which prompted her to start a food blog. Her background is in food photography, so she… [read more]

Simple Vegetarian Recipes Meal Plan with Budget Bytes

Share this…Happy Meal Plan Monday! This week I’m so excited to share with you a simple vegetarian recipes meal plan with Budget Bytes! Budget Bytes is a fabulous budget-friendly cooking blog created by Beth Mancel. Besides her blog, Beth also has a cookbook that would make a great holiday gift- Budget Bytes: Over 100 Easy, Delicious… [read more]