Berry OREO® Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Berry OREO® Ice Cream Cake RecipesThis post is sponsored by I Love Ice Cream Cakes. All opinions are my own.

School has started for most of us with young children so it is easy to start thinking about Fall and pumpkins and butternut squash, but not so fast… I’m not ready to give up summer season yet! The hot afternoons and amazing summer produce are still around so I’m going to enjoy it while I still can!

Berry OREO® Ice Cream Cake Recipe Rainbow Delicious

I can’t really think of a better way to experience summer fun than by treating my family with something cold and sweet; I’m excited to share my very simple berry OREO® ice cream cake recipe with you today. The base of the cake is from I Love Ice Cream Cakes, which showcases delicious frozen ice cream cakes for all occasions and summertime celebrations, available in grocery stores in the bakery or freezer section nationwide (I get mine at Safeway). The Ice Cream Cakes come in many different styles and sizes, including original Carvel®, Jon Donaire® and OREO®.  For this recipe I picked out two OREO® ice cream cakes (premium OREO® ice cream cake & the OREO® ice cream roll) at my local Safeway along with whipping cream and fresh berries.

Berry OREO® Ice Cream Cake Recipe Ingredients for cake Berry OREO® Ice Cream Cake Recipe with raspberries

These ingredients are practically everything you need to make a creative and customized berry OREO® ice cream cakes at home. This recipe is simple, mouth-watering and delicious! Just what you need to give yourself a #summercakebreak while you still can!

Berry OREO® Ice Cream Cake Recipe Slices

Berry OREO® Ice Cream Cake Recipe with Strawberries and Raspberries


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Berry OREO® Ice Cream Cake Recipe



  1. Prepare whipped cream topping by whipping the pint of cream with 1/3 C powdered sugar, 1/4 t vanilla, and a pinch of salt until stiff peaks form. Cover and set aside in the refrigerator. 

  2. Rinse and pat dry berries. slice the strawberries into bit size pieces and set berries aside. 

  3. Take the OREO® Ice Cream Roll out of the freezer. Cut the roll into slices and place on serving platter of your choice.  

  4. Take the OREO® Premium Ice Cream Cake out of the freezer and place on serving platter of your choice.

  5. Decorate the cake and the slices by generously spreading whipped cream on top and then garnishing with strawberries and raspberries.

  6. Enjoy immediately!

This berry OREO® ice cream cake recipe is perfect for birthday parties, entertaining, cooling off on a hot day or as a surprise dessert for your family any day of the week.

Berry OREO® Ice Cream Cake Recipe Enjoying the cake!

Summer is not over so take your own #summercakebreak with I Love Ice Cream Cakes soon!

Berry OREO® Ice Cream Cake Recipe Featured Image

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  1. Looks so delicious and refreshingly yummy! I love that it is so simple to make too. That’s my favorite kind of recipe.

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  5. I’m not a big sweets fan at all, but when you mix oreos and strawberries…well, I’ll pretty much eat it all! This recipe looks great!
    Kate |

  6. This looks sooo yummy!!! I want a slice of this!

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  11. OMG Oreos are my JAM! I could eat them all day long. But in an ice cream cake – that’s a whole other level. I gotta have this cake!

    • They are mine too, I can eat a whole container in one day if I’m not careful! I hope you get a chance to try this cake- I have a feeling you will love it!

  12. This looks delicious! I love oreos and wouldn’t mind a slice of this right now!

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