Healthy Dinner Recipes – Meal Plan

This weeks meal plan includes five delicious healthy dinner recipes that I hope you enjoy! A creamy spinach lasagna, blackberry prosciutto pizza, beet avocado tangerine salad, salmon and asparagus, and crockpot stuffed bell peppers. Click here for this week’s healthy dinner recipes grocery list. Healthy Dinner Recipes Quinoa Black Bean Crockpot Stuffed Peppers from Pinch of… [read more]

Dairy Free Vegetarian Recipes Meal Plan | Occasionally Eggs

This week’s I’m sharing a dairy free vegetarian recipes meal plan from the blog Occasionally Eggs by Alexandra Daum. The recipes are beautiful, healthy and perfect for Spring & Summer. The menu includes a summer salad + strawberry vinaigrette, a roasted carrot soup with walnut parsley pesto, Swiss chard quinoa patties, spring greens salad, and a… [read more]

Peach, Blackberry and Fresh Fig Salad with Grilled Chicken

I always get so excited for fig season, don’t you? If you are a fig-lover I have a whole round up of fig recipes and today I’m excited to share one of my own recipes- this peach, blackberry and fresh fig salad with grilled chicken. It is super fresh, easy to put together and delicious! I used… [read more]

Weeknight Recipes Meal Plan with Culinary Hill

I’m really excited about this week’s meal plan featuring five delicious weeknight recipes meal plan with Culinary Hill. This pescatarian meal plan includes a strawberry pecan salad, orzo pasta salad with roasted veggies, vegetarian stuffed bell peppers, pan fried tilapia, and a Mediterranean quinoa bowl. I must be craving recipes with bell peppers because this week uses a lot… [read more]

Meal Plan: A Week of Healthy Salad Recipes

Happy Spring! I’ve compiled five of my favorite healthy salad recipes for all of us to incorporate into our menus this week. Three of the salads are vegetarian, two have a little meat (prosciutto and chicken) and all are fresh and delicious. These salads would make a great addition to any meal, some are hearty… [read more]