Top 10: Dutch Baby Pancake Recipes

Get ready for some delicious Dutch Baby Pancake Recipes! You can enjoy them with blueberries, apples or chocolate chips- the variations are endless, but here are ten of the best!

Have you tried Dutch babies? Or maybe you call them hootenannies? Or perhaps german pancakes? Well, whatever you call them, they are amazingly delicious puffy, eggy pancakes that can be served a variety of ways.  When we lived in San Diego we used to love to go to Johnny Walker’s pancake house because the Dutch babies there are to die for (especially the baked cinnamon pecan one).  Now that we don’t have access to that amazing restaurant we make them at home most weekends and my kids love them too.  If you haven’t tried Dutch babies yet, now is the time! I normally just make a classic dutch baby recipe and serve it with berries, whipping cream and maple syrup or fresh lemon and powdered sugar.  If you are feeling more fancy then that here are ten amazing Dutch baby recipes for you to try:

top 10 dutch babies

Dutch Baby Pancake Recipes

Blueberry Lemon Dutch Baby from Ask Chef DennisDutch Baby Pancake Recipes : blueberry lemon dutch baby

Caramel Apple Dutch Baby from Seasons and SuppersDutch Baby Pancake Recipes : caramel apple dutch baby

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Dutch Baby from Minimalist BakerDutch Baby Pancake Recipes : pumpkin chocolate chip dutch baby

Meyer Lemon Dutch Baby from A Cozy KitchenDutch Baby Pancake Recipes : Meyer Lemon Dutch baby

Roasted Vanilla Pear Dutch Babies from A Cup of JoDutch Baby Pancake Recipes : pear dutch babies

Pecan and Apple Dutch Baby from Sprinkled Side UpDutch Baby Pancake Recipes : pecan apple dutch baby

Peach Dutch Baby with Blueberry Sauce from Seasons and SuppersDutch Baby Pancake Recipes : peach dutch baby with blueberry sauce

Dutch Baby with Bacon and Roasted Apple from Bowl LickingDutch Baby Pancake Recipes : dutch baby with bacon and roasted apple

Pumpkin Spice German Pancakes from Love and Olive OilDutch Baby Pancake Recipes : pumpkin spice german pancakes

Apple Pancake from Love and LemonsDutch Baby Pancake Recipes : apple pancake

Dutch Baby Pancake Recipes : weekly breakfast meny

This Top 10 is inspired by my quest to make breakfast more exciting. Please enjoy previous breakfast-inspired Top 10 posts:  Breakfast Parfait Recipes,  Muffin RecipesPancake Recipes & Granola Recipes.


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