20 Blueberry Recipes You Need in Your Life

Blueberries are brain food, that contain compounds that are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This delicious and pretty fruit is a wonderful ingredient to add to your diet regularly. There are so many amazing blueberry recipes; blueberry ice cream, muffins, salads, scones, tarts and more. Check out the 20 amazing blueberry recipes below for inspiration! 20 Blueberry… [read more]

The Only Blueberry Scone Recipe You Need

This blueberry scone recipe is slightly sweet, uses frozen wild blueberries and is the only blueberry scone recipe you’ll ever need! Enjoy with coffee or tea. This is the only blueberry scone recipe you’ll ever need, and is perfect for enjoying during cold weather paired with coffee or tea. I’ve adapted Ina Garten’s strawberry scone… [read more]