Lime Avocado Yogurt Breakfast Parfait

This layered lime avocado yogurt and granola parfait is a perfect way to start you day. It is indulgent, flavorful and nutritious.  Elevate your morning routine with this lime avocado yogurt breakfast parfait. It is simple to make, includes healthy ingredients like Greek yogurt, lime, avocado, honey and granola. My kids love this breakfast parfait… [read more]

Turmeric Ginger Tea Recipe with Cinnamon, Lemon and Honey

A soothing tea with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, honey and lemon. This tea can be enjoyed warm, hot or cold and it perfect during winter. I love starting my day off with warm lemon water, but during cold and flu season I take it up a notch with this turmeric ginger tea recipe. While it can… [read more]