Foods by Color: Beet Recipes

I know that beets are one of those love them or hate them type of vegetable, what camp do you fall in? I usually LOVE them. I especially loved them when I was pregnant with Adelaide; literally I couldn’t get enough of them and ate them plain, in smoothies, salads and pizzas. And hopefully this isn’t TMI, (if it is consider yourself forewarned)

Foods by Color: Lemon Recipes

I love lemons, don’t you? When I was younger I used to enjoy cutting a lemon in half, sprinkling with a little sugar and eating it with a spoon. My dad would get upset with me whenever he caught me indulging in this because it was “bad for my teeth.” My grandparents had an awesome lemon tree in their front yard that my older brother Kevin was infamous for picking from and chucking the lemons down the street (they lived on the top of a steep hill so those lemons gained speed!). I guess what I’m saying is lemons have sentimental meaning to me, and as a bonus, they are pretty nutritious.

Foods by Color: Cranberry Recipes

My palette most enjoys cranberries if they are sweetened in a substantial way which has left me wondering if they are even worth eating. I think having a spoonful of sugar to help the cranberries go down is okay for getting some benefits out of cranberries, but eating them raw allows more optimal health benefits. I’m going to attempt to eat more raw cranberries sticking a few in my morning smoothies while still enjoying fresh and dried cranberries in a variety of other recipes.

Foods by Color: Broccoli Recipes You Need to Try

Growing up I regularly ate steamed broccoli with a side of mayo for dipping and thought that was completely normal. At first Rick thought my family’s eating habit was strange but then he gave in and tried it and now he is a mayo–broccoli-dipper himself. Have you ever tried broccoli dipped in mayo? I’m trying to figure out if it is a common food combination or not, but either way it is delicious. I admit that there are numerous ways to enjoy broccoli besides with a side of mayo, like in quiches, soups or pasta. Click here for 14 Delicious Broccoli Recipes.