Holly Holiday Sugar Cookies

My Grandma always made the best sugar cookies ever and I’m trying my best to follow in her footsteps by baking these delicious holiday sugar cookies every holiday season. I don’t have the heart to use her exact recipe (hello, shortening!) but this recipe is pretty close. These cookies are soft, flavorful, chewy and make me… [read more]

Merry Christmas!

{photo source: Lily and Val Etsy} Merry Christmas! I hope you fellow Christmas celebrators are enjoying yourself and that your day is filled with love, laughter and of course, delicious food.  I’m so grateful for this time of year; there is so much love and generosity in the air. It is tradition in our house to… [read more]

Top 10: Holiday Desserts

I love that Christmas cheer is pretty much synonymous with dessert. I’m attending a Christmas party and an early Christmas dinner with my family this weekend and offered to bring dessert to both get togethers and now I’m trying to decide which recipes to make. Here are 10 holiday desserts that I’m deciding between. Which ones looks the best to you?