My Experience with Pinnertest

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My ExperiencewithPinnertest

I was provided the Pinnertest for the purpose of this post, but all opinions and words are 100% my own. 

Today I’m excited to share my experience with Pinnertest and my top 10 reasons to try Pinnertest! Have you heard of Pinnertest before? It is a food intolerance test that a friend told me about it earlier this year when she learned that I was trying to figure out why I was feeling a little “off” in my digestion. I had tried different cleanses and anti-inflammatory diets but sometimes I still felt bloated and inflamed which had me wonder if I was unwittingly eating something that my body doesn’t tolerate well.

pinnertest food intolerance test

I love to eat a variety of healthy, fresh and whole foods but if some of those healthy foods are not easily digested by my body I wanted to cut them out! Especially if it might help with my bloating, which had gotten so bad at times I even had someone ask me, or actually congratulate me, on my pregnancy last summer (I was NOT pregnant!) and that experience is what prompted me to really start taking my bloating issue more seriously and get to the bottom of it, resulting eventually in taking the Pinnertest.

The Pinnertest tests for food intolerances (not allergies or autoimmune disorders), and for me it was a great step in understanding my body better. A food intolerance in basic terms is when your body cannot properly digest and convert the foods you eat (maldigestion) and can cause symptoms of bloating (<—that’s me!), IBS, brain fog, joint pain, chronic fatigue and acne. The test itself is an in-home blood test that identifies your individual food intolerances.

Pinnertest pacakge

I received my Pinnertest in the mail and within minutes I was able to administer the test to myself (basically a not-too-painful needle prick blood test) and put the test back in the mail all in the same day. After Pinnertest received the kit I got an email letting me know that it made it safely and my results would be emailed in 7-10 days.

My results email arrived in my inbox while I was snacking on trail mix on vacation and to my surprise I’m intolerant to foods I never would have suspected: peanuts (no more trail mix with peanuts for me), salmon, trout, kiwis and chestnuts. You can check out my report in full by clicking here.

I rarely, if ever, eat chestnuts or trout but I have been eating a lot of peanuts, kiwi and salmon lately! I will miss eating PB cups, salmon, and kiwis but am really excited to see if this helps with the way that I feel and I like knowing more about my body. I have eliminated these foods for a week already and while it technically may be too early to tell long term differences, I feel great!

If the Pinner Test is something that you are interested in, read more information from their site and use code RAINBOW for $60 off a test!

my experience with pinner test and top 10 reasons to try

Top 10 Reasons To Try Pinnertest:

  1. The Pinnertest gives you knowledge, and knowledge is power: food intolerances happens when our bodies can’t properly digest food, it’s great information to know which digestive enzymes your body lacks so you can cut that food out!
  2. You don’t have leave your home to take the test! It is a not-too-painful needle prick blood test that you can do yourself in the comfort of your own home.
  3. The results come quickly (7-10 business days after they receive your kit by mail) through email.
  4. By understanding your individual food tolerances you can become one step closer to dealing with food intolerance symptoms, which can include IBS, bloating, brain fog, acne, join pain and acne.
  5. A common side effect of food intolerance is weight gain, no thank you!
  6. When fighting a food intolerance, serotonin production decreases dramatically, leading us to carb and sugar cravings. Again, no thank you!
  7. Pinnertest uses advanced microarray biotechnology that thoroughly measures igG antibody levels against the proteins of 200 foods.
  8. Pinnertest gives clarity on which foods you, as an individual, should eliminate from your diet.
  9. Pinnertest is complementary to allergy testing to help paint the big picture in understanding how your body reacts to different foods.
  10. I have a discount code for you! Use code RAINBOW to get $60 off your Pinnertest.

My Experience Pinnertest&Top 10 Reasons to Try Pinnertest

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