Pucker Up: Twenty Citrus Recipes

Share this…    Knock knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad it is citrus season? But seriously, I am obsessed with citrus this year and can’t get enough of the sweet and tangy goodness they provide. I had to open with this knock-knock because my six year old, Adelaide, is obsessed with telling… [read more]

Foods by Color: Bell Peppers

Share this…This week my mom, sister and I ventured to San Francisco with my kids to check out the Ferry Building Marketplace and Farmers Market.  Although Tuesday isn’t the best market day (Saturday is) there was still a lot of beautiful produce and goodies for sale.  We were delighted by the discovery of peacotums (which are… [read more]

Foods by Color: Lemons

I love lemons, don’t you? When I was younger I used to enjoy cutting a lemon in half, sprinkling with a little sugar and eating it with a spoon. My dad would get upset with me whenever he caught me indulging in this because it was “bad for my teeth.” My grandparents had an awesome lemon tree in their front yard that my older brother Kevin was infamous for picking from and chucking the lemons down the street (they lived on the top of a steep hill so those lemons gained speed!). I guess what I’m saying is lemons have sentimental meaning to me, and as a bonus, they are pretty nutritious.