Multipotentialite Friday {Introduction}

Share this…I love food blogging and bringing you, my amazing reader, weekly meal plans, round-ups and recipes from time to time. But I have also been feeling this pull to make my blog an even more authentic space where I share more of my heart and soul. Along with being obsessed passionate about food, I’m… [read more]

Welcome to the World Baby Cash

Share this…This post is not really food related at all, but is about the birth of my third child, Cash. I invite you to stop reading if birth stories do not interest you/weird you out.  He is the reason I’ve been slowing down on my blog- first to prepare for his arrival and now to… [read more]

We’re Having A…

Share this…I had an ultrasound last week and asked the technician to write down the baby’s gender on a note and place it in an envelope.  We gave the envelope to my mother in law to wrap in an egg for our kids to open on Easter.  Easter is always a fun holiday, but this… [read more]

Announcement from my Kids

Share this…Today’s post doesn’t really have anything to do with food, except for that because of this news I have been slightly less optimistic about food for the last 12 weeks: We are pretty excited! Share this…

Bringing the Happiness Advantage to the Dinner Table

I’m almost done reading “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor and I’m really loving it. The book is full of studies and wisdom on how to achieve happiness in our lives. A consistent theme throughout the book is that being happy is what leads to success and not the other way around. We often falsely think that having success will bring us happiness but the book suggests that even in failures we can be happy and see mistakes, obstacles, failure, disappointment, and suffering as opportunities for growth to take advantage of. Here are a few “failure” quotes in the book that really stood out to me: