Meal Plan: Summer 2015 Week 11

Every Monday I post a colorful, veggie-filled weekly meal plan with a free printable color-coded grocery shopping as part of my Meal Plan Monday Series. Each recipe is inspired by a color of the rainbow, encouraging you to eat the unique nutrients available from a colorful menu. I’ve been doing this since 2012 and I enjoy sharing tried and true recipes with you!

Let’s just say this week has been an adjustment for me! School is in full swing and my brain is just not used to it yet so I have locked my keys in my car, not once… but twice. Hopefully this week will be better! Anyone else struggling to get used to school being in session?! On the bright side, our chickens gave us our first egg this week! It is small but we are excited about it and hopeful we will get more soon. Also, this week we thought up a genius parenting hack… My three year old refuses to wear anything besides batman or superman t-shirts so much of his wardrobe is neglected. We purchased some iron on paper and printed out superhero symbols and ironed them on to most of his shirts. Now he is so excited to wear all of the clothes that he previously didn’t care about. From our kitchen this week we also enjoyed summer flavors before they start fading away. The brown butter pasta is, of course, fantastic, and the fajitas are to-die-for! Other flavors included in the recipes in this week’s meal plan include figs and peaches… eat them while they are still available! Click here for this week’s grocery list and have a great week!

Weekly Meal Plan with free grocery shopping list | Rainbow Delicious Summer 2015 Week 11

chicken fajitas + 4 other healthy and delicious recipe ideas in this week’s summer meal plan | Rainbow Delicious

Chicken Fajitas from Dad with a Pan

Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 25 minutes

Ingredients: chicken breast, bell peppers, yellow onion, flour tortillas, chili powder, corn starch, salt, brown sugar, cayenne pepper, cumin, black pepper, garlic powder, oregano, onion powder, paprika, smoked paprika.

It’s been a while since I’ve had fajitas and I forgot how amazingly flavorful and delicious they are! This recipe is quick and even my kids liked the chicken. I added far less paprika than recommended and added extra onions and bell peppers to the batch. I will definitely be making these again in my future! We added sour cream and cilantro as garnishes.

peach and burrata arugula salad + 4 other healthy and delicious recipe ideas in this week’s summer meal plan | Rainbow Delicious

Peach and Burrata Arugula Salad from Tastes Lovely

Prep Time: 10 minutes Total Time:  10 minutes

Ingredients: peaches, burrata, arugula, balsamic glaze, olive oil, salt and pepper, olive oil, dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, honey

This salad is great as a side with practically any summer meal and it also can work as a great light lunch. Instead of making the dressing in this recipe I just drizzled white balsamic, and olive oil over it.

brown butter tomato and corn angel hair pasta + 4 other healthy and delicious recipe ideas in this week’s summer meal plan | Rainbow Delicious

Brown Butter, Tomato and Corn Angel Hair Pasta from Cookie Monster Cooking

Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Total Time: 30 minutes

Ingredients: unsalted butter, angel hair pasta, olive oil, medium onion, garlic, corn, cherry tomatoes, salt, lemon, grated parmesan, basil.

I made this pasta to bring to a picnic for our last summer “concert in the park” and it is a fantastic recipe. I cooked the onion longer than the recipe suggested and let it caramlize a little, and added fresh tomatoes from my garden. SO GOOD.

chicken posole verde + 4 other healthy and delicious recipe ideas in this week’s summer meal plan | Rainbow Delicious

Easy Chicken Posole Verde from Gimme Some Oven

Prep Time: 8 minutes Cook Time: 12 minutes Total Time: 20 minutes

Ingredients: olive oil, yellow onion, poblano pepper, garlic, green chilies, chicken stock, white hominy, shredded chicken, ground cumin, salt, garnishes: avocado, cilantro, cotija, radishes, lime.

My sister made this soup for our family and we loved it! I have never tried hominy before but my kids and I loved it (after I explained to them that “it’s just big corn”) We topped the soup with avocado, cilantro, cotija and lime like the recipes suggests and I loved the added texture especially from the radishes.

ricotta cheese, fig and honey sandwich + 4 other healthy and delicious recipe ideas in this week’s summer meal plan | Rainbow Delicious

Ricotta Cheese, Fig, Honey and Rosemary Sandwiches from What Should I Eat for Breakfast Today

Prep Time: 5 minutes Total Time: 5 minutes

Ingredients: bread, ricotta cheese, figs, honey, rosemary

I received some fresh figs in a recent produce delivery box and thought this looked like a nice way to enjoy them. These open face sandwiche are quick to prepare and you could enjoy them for breakfast, lunch or as a side with dinner. We enjoyed them on a picnic. I forgot to add the rosemary but they were still delish.

If you make any recipe from Rainbow Delicious meal plans or site please share on instagram using hashtag #rainbowdelicious & #summer2015week11 and use tag @rainbowdelicious, I’d love to see what you are up to in your kitchen!

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  1. Love these meal plans you’re putting together! Good call on doubling the veggies on my fajita recipe too btw. Great way to get more out of the dish and veggies into your kids bellies!

  2. Wow! These look so delicious! I need to start meal planning again now that I’m heading back to work!

  3. Such gorgeous pics. Makes me want to try them all!

  4. ALL these recipes looks amazing but I’m a little biased towards the figs right now 🙂 Great menu plan!

  5. Ricotta cheese, figs, honey, rosemary sounds like a combo to die for!

  6. I envy meal planners! Every time I try, we end up “not feeling like” whatever is planned! I stopped in my tracks on those fajitas – gorgeous!

    • I still have that problem, too! Meal planning is tricky! When you are in the mood for the fajitas you should definitely give them a try- so so good!

  7. I just love all of your meal plans – everything looks SO good!!

  8. These recipes sound fantastic! What a great meal plan! Love that they are all healthy and delicious!

  9. I love your flavor combinations and thanks so much for this awesome meal plan! I struggle with planning for the week sometimes and feel like I have a cheatsheet now!

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