Meal Plan Mondays: Introduction

Every Monday you can expect to find a weekly meal plan here at Rainbow Delicious inspired by Michael Pollan’s advice to “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”  These meal plans are directed towards home cooks who have the desire to eat diverse and healthy meals but lack the time to organize and plan grocery lists.

Weekly meal plans consist of five meals, each inspired by a color in the rainbow.  (For example, a green-inspired dish could be kale lasagna). The printable shopping list is simple to use with color coded stars next to each ingredient. (For example, all ingredients needed for kale lasagna have a green star next to it.) That way, the plan is flexible and makes it easy to shop for anywhere from one to all five of the meals each week.  I purposefully only include five meals each week leaving two nights to eat out, enjoy leftovers, or cook up a traditional family favorite.

I normally pick recipes that should feed a family of four, sometimes with leftovers.  If your family has more than four members or likes bigger portions than feel free to simply double any recipe.    Normally the recipes are main dishes although sometimes I will include a salad or other dish that would serve better as a side.

The featured recipes will be from amazing food bloggers and sites.  To access each recipe’s instructions please click on the picture or link.

I hope Rainbow Delicious changes week night dinners from a source of stress to an occasion worth looking forward to!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or recipes you’d like to see included in a future meal plan.

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  1. What an amazing idea! This site is so helpful. Thanks for compiling all of these awesome recipes. The shopping list is genius. Makes it all so easy.


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