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Apple Tree

Health Benefits of Apples

We have heard our whole lives that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and I think there might be some truth to that! Apples are a superfood. Apples contain high amounts of phenolic compounds which have been found to reduce inflammation and possibly inhibit cancer.  Apples contain quercetin, a flavanoid that aids asthma prevention, and fiber which we could all likely use more of in our diets. Apples also contain a mineral called boron which works with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D to help to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.   Apples can also act as an appetite suppressor;  try eating an apple and a glass of water an hour before your next party or business dinner to keep you from overindulging. Also, my dad swears that apples help him to avoid heartburn and I secretly always questioned this connection but apparently it is a really thing; apples are a natural remedy to acid reflux and heartburn and serve to alleviate symptoms for many people. Way to go Dad, I’m sorry for doubting you! {sources: Jonny Bowden Blog & Livestrong/photo source: Georgianna Lane}

Tips for apple enjoyment

My kids have always loved apples, but were not into apple peels when they were really little so this apple corer made it easy to slice up apples for them just the way they liked.  It also comes in handy for slicing up apples quickly for pies and tarts (and there is a way to still keep the peel on it as well; my sister in law Rachel just showed me this trick after having it for five years!)

I’ve noticed that food is usually more enjoyable to me and my family when we are connected to the harvesting of it in some way.  If you have a yard, consider planting an apple tree! If you are like me and this is not an option then consider visiting an apple orchard this Fall where you can pick you own (chances are there will be some amazing cider and pie to enjoy in a charming barn as well). If that is also not an option,  picking them out from the farmer’s market is great, my kids and I love picking out our own apples.

Season for picking:

Apples are typically ready for picking between mid July to mid October. Once picked, if store properly, apples can last in a cool place for up to one month, depending on the variety.

Apple Recipe Round-Up:
Apple Recipes

Apple pancake we love puffy pancakes in our family.

Apple chips seem like the perfect Fall snack!

Apple, peanut butter and sliced almond sandwiches I have a feeling these will be a big hit with my kids and would be great for a snack or lunch.

Apple cheddar grilled cheese  I challenge anyone to not love this sandwich, it is heaven in a sandwich.{featured in Fall 2012 Week 8}

Apple and olive spinach salad with sweet apple dressing I’m trying really hard to like green olives and I’m thinking this recipe could help.

Apple, pomegranate and sunflower salad with cinnamon apple vinaigrette  Everything about this salad looks delicious.

Harvest apple salad with pomegranate, avocado and blue cheese The presentation of this salad is so cool! {featured in Fall 2012 Week 13 Meal Plan}

Cheese soufflés with apple, walnut and pomegranate salad  looks like an intense recipe project but the cheese and apple combo makes it worth it I’m sure.

Apple butter pizza This pizza looks unique and amazing with blue cheese, arugula, fresh apples and of course apple butter as the sauce.

Apple harvest chili I’ve never had a chili like this one before and I’m intrigued by the flavor combinations in it- beans, apple, cranberries, cocoa powder, salsa, cashews…

Red kuri squash and apple soup with tarragon, coriander and goat cheese looks like a delicious soup to me!

Apple pumpkin soup  yum. This soup looks simple and I bet my kids would like it.

Apple & fennel soup because who doess’t love a 20 minute soup recipe?

Apple bacon stuffed sweet potatoes because no food list is complete with a recipe containing bacon.

Roasted squash with apple salsa is a side that your vegan & gluten free Thanksgiving guests will love!

Apple, leek and butternut squash gratin is an amazing dish that you could eat all Fall long.{Featured in Fall 2013 Week 2 Meal Plan}

Apple mosaic tart with salted caramel I want this NOW!

How do you like them apples?!

I hope you get a chance to enjoy lots of apples this month as they are delicious, versatile and good for your health!

What are your favorite apple recipes? Where do you get your apples from?

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