Simple Country Recipes from Longbourn Farm

If you love homestyle comfort food than you will love this week’s meal plan with five simple country recipes from Longbourn Farm. The recipes use simple, whole food ingredients and the instructions are easy to follow.  Alli is the creator of Longbourn Farm and here is an introduction from her: “I have always loved to be… [read more]

Simple Vegetarian Meals by Savory Tooth

I’m thrilled to share five simple vegetarian meals by Savory Tooth for this week’s meal plan Monday. Savory Tooth is a colorful food blog that is all about tasty savory dishes. The blog is run by Julia, whose cooking is inspired by her travel adventures, her upbringing, and whatever she finds at the market. She currently lives… [read more]

Wholesome Dinner Recipes from The Happiness Kitchen

This week’s meal plan includes five wholesome dinner recipes from The Happiness Kitchen. Jasmin is the cook behind this beautiful blog and here is an introduction from her: “I’ve always been in love with food. There so many different elements that food entails: flavours, emotions, memories. I’ve also always been very interested in health and… [read more]

Healthy Dinner Recipes from Lively Table

For those of you really trying to eat healthy this year, you will love this week’s Monday meal plan! It features five healthy dinner recipes from Lively Table, which is written by Kaleigh McMordie, MCN, RDN. She is awesome, passionate about nutrition and has a beautiful blog that I highly recommend. Here is a little intro… [read more]

Ideas for Dinner from Confetti Kitchen

This week’s meal plan Monday features five ideas for dinner from Confetti Kitchen that I think you will love! Confetti Kitchen came to life as founder Cynthia Samanian realized that having friends over for dinner was way harder than it needed to be. Even as someone who loves to cook, Cynthia found it challenging to pull off… [read more]